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Coaching Works


As a member of the Pittsburgh Coaches Association, I will be joining a demonstration of coaching techniques at PNC Park on Wednesday November 14th at 4PM as part of the second annual "Coaching Works" presentation.  There will be many coaches present demonstrating different coaching techniques.  Why should you care? According to the International Coaching Federation, [...]

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Search Engine Optimization


Say “What’s your SEO strategy?” to most new business owners and the invariable response is best likened to a deer caught in the path of an oncoming truck’s headlights. Many people think they can get away with a one-time SEO activity, when an on-going strategy is what is really required. To set the stage for this topic, [...]

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Creating your OnCore Venture


I have talked a lot about discovery in this blog as a way to provide some background information about who I am, and what my belief system is.  I am a firm believer in authenticity - my own and yours.  As a certified professional coach, I help people create the life they were born to [...]

Creating your OnCore Venture2012-05-23T08:35:53-04:00
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