What is your story?

We create the perfect picture that tells your story

We develop your story – what you do for your ideal cleint

Story’s sell – it’s as old as we are – for the time that we gathered around campfires to understand our stories, people love stories.  From Don Draper in Madmen to Donald Miller with Story Brand everyone wants to act like they invented storytelling. At On-Core Ventures, we pride ourselves on Conscious Marketing. All that really means is that you develop your authentic story of how you take your client from victim to victory. To do that we start with your story:

  • What is your human operating system or core values?

  • What causes you to descend into victim behavior or conflict behavior?

  • How did you overcome those low levels of energy?

  • How do you do that for your cleints?

I recommend that my clients read Story Brand and use the free template linked above to help them get through this exercise.  As I indicated on the Ideal Client page, I am a coach, I allow my clients to use free tools that help them launch their practice – my value add is my coaching. I see no reason to reinvent the wheel.  Nor should you.

In working through the rest of the story of how you help your clients you are going to run into barriers – the GAILs that your client has to deal with.  I help you maintain your loan ability to detect from your client’s drama.  I also help you deal with how to coach clients through specific issues that they bring to you for the first time.  Like raising children, coaches experience the impact of the GAILS as their clients do. My coaching practice helps you avoid the impact of the Gailforce winds from working with your clients.


When we are growing up our subconscious minds are in a programmable state.  And the frustrations of your parents are programmed into you along with the good stuff.  The prevailing undercurrent is that you are not good enough, or are too much in some areas. Your gremlin works over time when you are doing something new or hard. And launching a coaching practice is both.

Your Gremlin:

  • Developed in childhood – deeply programmed into your subconscious mind

  • Causes you to doubt or behave in ways opposed to your core values

  • Can be turned into an advovate


Assumptions – the old saying that when we assume we make an ass out of u and me is so true.  Yet we assume that we are going to get twenty clients by the end of the year because we have gotten two in the first month.  then we don’t sign another client up in the next two months we crash back to earth and assume that we will never be successful.  Like the stock market, things are never as good or as bad as we assume them to be.  For new coaches assumptions can:

  • Cause over-investment in a marketing method that has not been proven

  • Lead the coach to project an assumption onto the client

  • Assume that every client is just like them


Have you ever walked into a room and the people there stopped taking? For most people when this happens they assume that the stalking ceased because the person entering the room, you, in this case, was the subject of the conversation.  Our interpretations have to be overcome constantly when we are starting a new business.

Areas where your interpretations affect a new coach and need effective coaching of your practice as it is forming:

  • Coaches have to overcome their interpretations to understand what the client is really saying

  • A miss interpretation can cause a client to make the wrong decisions

  • Awareness and Active Listening are keys to effective coaching

  • Staying present and not getting into the dram of the client is essential

Limiting Beliefs

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”. Unfortunately, many of us think that we can not.  When you are starting your coaching practice, this fundamental limiting belief will be triggered over and over again.

Your Wireframe

As we develop your story or how you overcome your client’s GAILS and what their victim to victory story looks like we build the wireframe for your sales page.  There are six components to your wireframe:

  • What do you do? and who do you do it for?

  • What is their life like now before they worked with you – what GAILS do they have?

  • What will their life look like after they work with you?

  • What process do you follow?

  • What are some testimonials about your process from clients you have helped

  • What is your background that you bring to the coaching practice that ensures success


If you are like me – you need someone to bounce ideas off of – I am happy to give you time to do just that.

The best way to see if we are a good fit is in a free complimentary discovery session.