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On-Core Ventures was designed in 2011 as a result of the Met Life study in 2010 that found that a majority of Baby Boomers wanted to form an encore entrepreneurial act.  It turned out that simply was not the case.  What I found was that people in their twenties and thirties wanted to create authentic and sustainable businesses early in life.

In stumbling through my own launch process I made almost every mistake that you can in launching a coaching business.  I was so frustrated with the failure of small business ‘coaches’ and ‘advisors’ in helping people launch businesses that I pivoted to marketing consulting for my existing clients.  In fact, if you look at the old articles posted on this site, I have left many of them for you to review.

Along the way, I picked up some valuable insight from the following:

  • Long term successful senior product development executive

  • Ten years experience with running my own coaching business

  • Multiple coach training programs – iPEC, IIN, Taylor Protocols, PSYCH-K

  • Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

  • Six Years experience at forming and directing local business networking groups in Pittsburgh

On-Core Ventures Marketing Approach for Coaches

Most coaches make the mistake that people are searching for services that they are offering and all they need to do is write a blog about it. Every coaching program tells the new coach to focus on a niche market. This is completely true, but that does not mean that your specific client is looking for a solution to her problems using google.  As a coach, you need to find a way of getting your message to your specific client and do it cost-effectively.  I have found the following to be components that work:

  • Effective use of lead magnets

  • Effective use of outbound marketing to potential clients that opt in

  • Effective sales conversion process

Frederick Geiger’s Marketing Journey

In his extensive experience as a certified professional coach, his own approach to his practice has changed.  As a new, coach, he did what he thought was essential – worked his own program.  There are scores of articles on this site that talk about that journey.  People that did read them did not become clients and frankly, he found that none of it mattered anyway.

He found that by participating in BNI chapters as a coach of the chapters (Area Director) he was able to get in front of an audience – not the right audience but small business owners.  And he helped many small business owners become more successful.  He then saw that none of them could afford effective marketing and he was able to develop a cost-effective approach to local marketing for small businesses.

Now, he has gotten back to the real reason he created On-Core Ventures. Help others become the change that they want to see in the world. And those that need it most are coaches and consultants that want to help clients change.  Unfortunately, the programs and tools that work for local businesses do not work for coaches who oftentimes are working remotely as well as out of their homes. 

On-Core Ventures Coaching Clients tell our story best

Frederick’s understanding of what it takes to actually start a business has allowed me to put a plan in place for my launch, but his ability to help me with my inner blocks has made all the difference in my approach to both my launch efforts and my life.

While I engaged Frederick to help me launch my business effort, working with him helped me realize that I had other more fundamental changes to make first.  Working with Frederick has unleashed the law of attraction in my life in a way that has me moving forward, building the life I desire.

Trish - Marketing Professional and now Coach

Frederick has amazing talent in coaching entrepreneurs.  He is able to understand the real me in a way that produces pleasantly surprising results.  He has a way of creating a powerful environment that brought out the best in me as I planned to launch my business.  I was impressed and inspired by the effort he put toward my development during our calls and outside of our coaching time.

This extra effort sets Frederick apart from others.  It felt like I had a coach 24/7 which made all the difference during some challenging times.  His intuition gave us important insights that I never expected and grew to cherish.

Maria - Former Engineer and now Coach

When I first met Frederick Geiger of OnCore Ventures through my BNI Chapter I didn’t really understand coaching. Frederick explained coaching in a way that I understood, being a way to professionally develop myself at a pace specific to my individual needs and goals…….Because of my time with Frederick over these past two years, I’m now pursuing my dream of being a small business owner in Western Pennsylvania and my passion for insurance by opening my own independent insurance brokerage

Tiffany - Insurance Agency Owner


If you are like me – you need someone to bounce ideas off of – I am happy to give you time to do just that.

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