Transformation Process

What is the transformation that your client will experience working with you?

What problem does your client have?

Mel Gibson starred in a movie a few years ago – what do women want? It was a tongue-in-cheek view of the stereotype that women do not know what they want.  While things have changed over the years, there is still a tendency for many women to put their needs on the back burner – so how do you help your clients identify what they want? The same is true for men, Men have been conditioned to just suck it up and get it done.  What they want does not matter.

  • Having trouble doing things like you used to?

  • Feeling like you have  zero energy?

  • Not feeling like your best self?

Why are you the ideal guide?

Even though I have been trained to believe that anyone can coach anyone on anything (iPEC and ICF).  Most coaches create a practice around something they have already mastered. This is perhaps a failing of the market because of the influence of sports coaches that typically have excelled at the sport that they coach.

What is your own victim to victory story that you are applying to your practice to help your clients make their own journey of transformation?  Or, if you hold to the principles of the International Coach Federation – why does it not matter?

  • What training do you have?

  • What life or professional experience do you have that helps you as a coach?

  • What is the work ethic that you bring to the coaching equation that will help insure success?

  • What reviews for your technique and approach from clients do you have?

How do you enable them to craft their plan?

People come to a coach because they have a problem and they are looking for a solution.  If it is getting a job, they want a plan for getting a job, so how do you help them put pen to paper to create a plan.  The plan comes from them, how do you extract it from them?

  • How do you set SMART golas?

  • What assignments do you give them to be successful?

  • What other resources do you have to help them find answers?

  • What Support and accountability do you provide between sessions?

  • What groups do you offer to assist?

  • What else?

What actions will they take on their journey with you?

Did you ever build a puzzle?  How many times did you look at the image on the cover of the box?  Do people need the vision for how they will engage with you?  Chances on you start with a complimentary session.  It should pain the vision for how you deal what the coaching process.  It should demonstrate to them how you helo them overcome their GAIL’s

  • How do you help them identify the gremlins that are sabotaging their success?

  • What assumptions do they have to overcome that are causing them to be unsuccessful?

  • How are interpretations affecting them negatively?

  • How are limiting beliefs affecting them

What is the end result?

Humans need to have an emotional attachment to a future state of being that is stronger than their emotional attachment to their present reality if they are to change.  To do this your potential client needs to identify the following:

  • How are they being seen in their new life

  • What are people saying about them?

  • What reviews are being posted about them on Google my Business or on Social media?

  • How do they feel about their success?


If you are like me – you need someone to bounce ideas off of – I am happy to give you time to do just that.

The best way to see if we are a good fit is in a free complimentary discovery session.