Launch your Practice

Using the right messaging and the right technology we launch your On-Core Venture

Lean Coaching Startup  – Getting cleints  to Know, Like, and Trust

We start with your ideal client – we are ready to launch the landing page and the marketing campaign as soon as we have a minimum viable product.  We then tweak things that are not working and expand into other personas and or offerings.

  • The first step is the build the sales page, lead magnet and sales emails – these drive the client to know they have a problem and like your approach

  • The next phase begins nurturing your potential clients to drive them to trust you sp they are ready to buy

Sprint One and Two – Know and Like

In the base phase, we work together to create the technology base for email, website hosting, email marketing, and CRM you will be using as you work through your ideal client work. As soon as we have the ideal client persona defined we build a content plan for material that is interesting to the client. You start posting interesting content to your ideal clients on social media and you begin to write articles for that person. This is an opportunity for you to test the messaging to people you know that are representative of that ideal client. This first sprint takes two to four weeks depending on how comfortable you are with your offering and your ideal client.

Once we are happy with the ideal client we have a war room session.

  • Conduct war room day – wireframe the sales page and the funnel

  • Specific instruction on what needs to be written

  • Launch the wireframe as a home – a sales page and initial content builds the eBook

  • Create the email drip campaign and advertise the sales page

  • Analyze the results and adjust the sales funnel

Sprints three and beyond – Building Trust

People buy when they are ready to purchase not when you are ready to sell. The Lead generation download is simply – Hey, I am serious about getting to know you better.  Your next phase called nurturing uses email to drive them to commitment.

Nurture Campaign is a weekly or bi-weekly email that offers value to your customer and creates reciprocity – weekly tips, or perhaps for a health coach – weekly recipe.

The purpose of this work:

  • Positions you as the guide

  • Reminds people of your vlaue

  • Offers that value in the form of information they can use

  • Build awareness of your name – reminds them about you specifically as their potential guide

Structure of your Nurturing Campaigns

Ideas for your content

• Weekly announcements (i.e blog – or podcast)
• Progress reports on a project
• Weekly tips – positions you as the guide – how to overcome those problems

Copy is short and punchy and contains an ad for another offer.  We will create the ideas for the content and the additional offerings in our weekly coaching sessions.  Here is the structure of your material:

  • Interesting subject line (a must)

  • Description of the problem

  • Shows the solution

  • Valuable tips (content) – real value

  • Positions you as the guide

  • An ad for a lead generator (second or third eBook)  or product (complimentary session or webinar)

  • PS – if you are ready to start working – call me


If you are like me – you need someone to bounce ideas off of – I am happy to give you time to do just that.

The best way to see if we are a good fit is in a free complimentary discovery session.