As a member of the Pittsburgh Coaches Association, I will be joining a demonstration of coaching techniques at PNC Park on Wednesday November 14th at 4PM as part of the second annual “Coaching Works” presentation.  There will be many coaches present demonstrating different coaching techniques.  Why should you care?

According to the International Coaching Federation, coaching as an institution is expanding, and breakthroughs are becoming stronger and faster.

People feel more accountable to their coaches than to others because clear goals are set. This accountability leads to the goals being obtained. When clients make a commitment to their coaches, and to themselves, they feel more responsible for making something happen. They do not want to disappoint their coach whom they understand to hold their best interest in their intentions and mindset.  Additionally, just the prospect of having to “own up” to someone you respect about not achieving your goal due to inaction or complacency is enough to get the gears going. The ethics of the ICF prohibit the coach from having any agenda other than the client’s own best interests, even to the point of requiring disclosure of any incentive that the coach has in recommending any other service. This means you know the coaches “agenda” at all times.

Studies conducted by the ICF have shown that social pain is the equivalent of physical pain in its impact on us. Think about that when you consider staying in a job that causes you social pain every day, or in your current relationship that might be holding you back. Does that mean that when you hire a coach you are guaranteed to change your job or your partner?  Probably not. What will change is how you show up in your relationship or at your job, which changes how others interact with you.

Skeptical? Great! We encourage intelligent, critical, observation and making decisions for oneself! Come to Coaching Works and see just how easy it can be for change to occur.  There will be three, 10 minute, laser coaching demonstrations during the event, interspersed networking time with coaches and others. Come on out and enjoy some great food and beverages while visiting eleven coaching specialists in one-on-one sessions.

When you visit, please pay particular attention to the laser coaching demonstrations. Coaching does not have to be a long, laborious process.  It is not therapy. It does not seek to understand the past, but to understand how the past is preventing you in the moment from moving toward the future that you choose for your life.

For more information and to register visit the PCA website.