Web Environment – your website


Last week, we talked about setting up email. Conventional wisdom in the Internet age is that you need a website to drive your business. What we have found is actually the contrary; a website can actually put a halt on your business's growth. We've all Googled ourselves out of curiosity, but what about after you [...]

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Launching your web environment


I often find that many of my clients ask me for advice.  Coaching, in its purest sense, does not give advice; we are trained extensively NOT to give advice. In fact, in order to be accredited by the International Coaching Federation, we have to show through our coaching that we do not give advice. So [...]

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Search Engine Optimization


Say “What’s your SEO strategy?” to most new business owners and the invariable response is best likened to a deer caught in the path of an oncoming truck’s headlights. Many people think they can get away with a one-time SEO activity, when an on-going strategy is what is really required. To set the stage for this topic, [...]

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Social Media, Internet Marketing, Referral Marketing – oh my….


I get email promotions every day about how to be successful in the launching of my new business.  Most of these communications seem designed to leverage fear, uncertainty and doubt.  They are particularly aimed at baby boomers, employing the concept that we are too out of touch with today’s reality (read: stupid) to be able [...]

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Thinking from the End


It might seem counter-intuitive, but when creating a start-up it is important to ask - what is my exit strategy?  Why?  Because without an exit strategy it is easy to never build value into your business venture.  Many people running small businesses complain that they wake up in the morning realizing that they are working [...]

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Masculine and Feminine Energy in Start-ups


I have taken the last four weeks off from the blog world of our site.  Sometimes life just happens. Recently, launching my networking efforts, the old fashioned, real world ones, has been the focus. During this process, I stumbled upon a spiritual blog which prompted an interesting realization. I have often gone off the deep end [...]

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Did we make a difference?


I have been researching the third stage of life, what I call Life 3.0 for some time now. A trend which I am finding consistent is that the “reporting" on what "boomers" are doing with their lives is centered around "senior stuff.” This gives the impression that we are solely focused on creating systems, products, [...]

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Encore Entrepreneurs


According to a Met Life study, 12 million Americans between the ages of 44 and 70 want to start either small businesses or non-profits, create jobs, and meet community needs. Are you one of these folks? Michael Gerber talked years ago about the myths surrounding entrepreneurs in his book “E-Myth”.  Though Michael and the E-Myth [...]

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