Change Your Relationship: Enough of that ‘Same Old’ Dance!


Does is ever seem that you and your spouse can never seem to get on the same page? You are focused on what is really important, and for some strange reason, they just don’t get it! They either don’t agree on what is important, or their approach to resolving the issue is way out [...]

Change Your Relationship: Enough of that ‘Same Old’ Dance!2021-08-05T00:51:13-04:00

Gratitude Overcomes Fear and Anger


You’ve heard the cliché statements “living in the moment” and “living life to the fullest,” but have you ever stopped to consider what they really mean?  It would be nice if we could simply have fun and enjoy pleasures every ‘moment’ of every day, but we have responsibilities. We have to plan for the [...]

Gratitude Overcomes Fear and Anger2021-08-05T00:53:42-04:00

Gratitude Connects Us with Others


Thanksgiving is the time to incorporate gratitude in your life! Living a life of gratitude improves our lives and helps to build healthier relationships with ourselves and with others. By offering thanksgiving for all that we have, we set the tone for all that is to come to us. We invite you to join [...]

Gratitude Connects Us with Others2021-08-05T01:10:04-04:00

How are your evolving?


Evolution not revolution I am a member of a generation that wanted to rebel against the establishment and then we became the establishment.  The Beatles got it and sang about us being a group that did not want to really rebel when they sang "Revolution" in the watershed year of 1968.  For those of [...]

How are your evolving?2021-08-05T00:58:10-04:00

Gratitude Opens Our Hearts and Our Minds


When we recognize and express gratitude for all that that we have in our lives, we impact our lives in ways that we might not at first recognize. Our experiences are altered by our expectations, which are driven by our thought processes and our level of gratitude. The Law of Attraction as Related to [...]

Gratitude Opens Our Hearts and Our Minds2021-08-05T14:47:01-04:00

Attitude of Gratitude


What if? Too often we fret over all kinds of ‘what ifs’ that may in fact never happen. What if I lose my job? What if my business fails? What if my child doesn’t get into the school of his choice? What if I get ill? What if I have to replace my car? [...]

Attitude of Gratitude2021-08-05T14:53:44-04:00



How did we get all this stuff? As we age, there seems to be less attachment to possessions or the need for possessions.  In the first half of my life, I was consumed by being a consumer.  I had to have the latest "stuff".  Even when I turned fifty, the entry point to the [...]


How Motivation Helps Forge the Path to Your Vision


If you wish to achieve your vision, it is important to understand your core values. In fact, in order to successfully define a vision that will result in personal happiness and fulfillment, you need to first identify your core values. Failing to understand your value system will likely lead to focusing on the wrong [...]

How Motivation Helps Forge the Path to Your Vision2021-08-05T15:23:27-04:00

Mindfulness to Achieve Your Destiny


Fulfilling your vision in life involves understanding your core values and aligning your activities and priorities to support those values. This involves a discovery process, unearthing the possibilities available to you and exploring which possibilities will help you to achieve the life of your dreams, separating those options leading to happiness from those which [...]

Mindfulness to Achieve Your Destiny2021-08-05T15:28:42-04:00
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