Does Everyone Shift?


At some point, probably yes. But does everyone also become aware? In one of my favorite “lite” movies, Pretty Woman, a rich venture capitalist and a pretty young prostitute both shift to new ways of being in just four days.  The VC decides to begin working with the father figure of his newly acquired company to [...]

Does Everyone Shift?2012-05-17T08:00:29-04:00

Be Happy in your Work


A favorite movie line of mine,– and my children will tell you I have many,  comes from  Colonel Saito  in the Bridge on the River Kwai who says “Be happy in your work”. For a long time I tried to apply that advice to my own life. Last week, I was in NY, steps away [...]

Be Happy in your Work2012-05-10T08:00:29-04:00



Life is a series of transitions or transformations. In fact, one of my favorite authors, Inna Segal asserts in her book – “The Secret Language of Your Body” – that we cannot heal ourselves of any illness without making a transformation in ourselves. Transitions can be both “good” and “bad” in the minds of our [...]

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