The #1 Best Way to Improve Your Content Next Year


As we head towards the close of the season, we are working hard to put the polishing touches on our business goals, priorities, and deliverables for the coming year.  Some call it creating New Year's resolutions; some call it setting intentions (more on that next week!), while some simply call it smart business practice. [...]

The #1 Best Way to Improve Your Content Next Year2021-08-06T12:28:44-04:00

Getting Well


What does getting well have to do with launching an on core venture?  Everything. In the second half of life, the behavior patterns we established in the first half start shouting at us. This takes form in issues such as Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity, Depression, Boredom, Fatigue, and so on. We believe that the first step in [...]

Getting Well2012-10-21T08:14:32-04:00

Referral Marketing


When I first started networking for my new business I was clueless. Needless to say, this grated on my nerves as it clashes with my mask of being an expert. So, I set out to rectify the situation in short order.  I started talking to experts about establishing networks which would help promote my business. [...]

Referral Marketing2012-10-10T06:17:16-04:00

Thinking from the End


It might seem counter-intuitive, but when creating a start-up it is important to ask - what is my exit strategy?  Why?  Because without an exit strategy it is easy to never build value into your business venture.  Many people running small businesses complain that they wake up in the morning realizing that they are working [...]

Thinking from the End2012-08-10T07:34:48-04:00
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