Gratitude Connects Us with Others


Thanksgiving is the time to incorporate gratitude in your life! Living a life of gratitude improves our lives and helps to build healthier relationships with ourselves and with others. By offering thanksgiving for all that we have, we set the tone for all that is to come to us. We invite you to join [...]

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Gratitude Opens Our Hearts and Our Minds


When we recognize and express gratitude for all that that we have in our lives, we impact our lives in ways that we might not at first recognize. Our experiences are altered by our expectations, which are driven by our thought processes and our level of gratitude. The Law of Attraction as Related to [...]

Gratitude Opens Our Hearts and Our Minds2021-08-05T14:47:01-04:00

Attitude of Gratitude


What if? Too often we fret over all kinds of ‘what ifs’ that may in fact never happen. What if I lose my job? What if my business fails? What if my child doesn’t get into the school of his choice? What if I get ill? What if I have to replace my car? [...]

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How did we get all this stuff? As we age, there seems to be less attachment to possessions or the need for possessions.  In the first half of my life, I was consumed by being a consumer.  I had to have the latest "stuff".  Even when I turned fifty, the entry point to the [...]


The Turn


Six months ago today, I posted my last blog entry prior to this one and this one is different from most of my previous posts. This one is personal. I have not been in contact with you recently. The reason for that is that my wife, Melinda, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last October.  As a [...]

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The saying goes that all things come in three's. Whether these occurrences are good or bad is a matter of perspective but we seem to notice the pattern more often in “bad-times.” A few days ago I learned that a former colleague's wife suddenly died at work last week. Next I heard that another former [...]


Father’s Day


I used to hate Father's day.  As a feminist male, I bought into the "fact" that every Sunday was Father's Day. Certainly my family of origin and my first wife's family of origin celebrated this event every week.  I never really understood exactly what Father's day was supposed to be about. What was a Father's [...]

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I Am


This past Tuesday completed three weeks of intense effort around the completion of the iPEC training program for Energy Leadership.  It has been a time of growth, reflection, and a lot of work. Working with my coach this week - yes coaches have coaches too- we processed a lot of this growth and I identified the feeling [...]

I Am2012-04-12T08:17:04-04:00
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