Getting Well

What does getting well have to do with launching an on core venture?  Everything.

In the second half of life, the behavior patterns we established in the first half start shouting at us. This takes form in issues such as Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity, Depression, Boredom, Fatigue, and so on.

We believe that the first step in defining your second half of life vision involves getting into the best physical and mental shape possible.  This allows for the energy and clear focus needed in order to determine how you can – as they say in the Army- be all you can be, or as we say – become oncore. If you are beginning to suffer from the effects of the above list, you must learn to get well, not just rely on dealing with it through coping patterns, but get truly well.

Our approach to helping clients figure out what they need to do begins with an assessment tool. This tool allows us to point out examples of what one of our clients calls “Stinkin’ Thinkin’.”  From there, we use a combination of techniques that allow you to come up with your own path to wellness.  We also have a partner network of people we trust that can help you in areas where you might be stuck.

Coaching is not therapy. We do not care where you got your Stinkin’ Thinkin’ patterns. We care about getting you past it so that success becomes attainable. As I listened yesterday to young parents at the children’s museum in Pittsburgh, their advice to their kids to be careful and not to wander away or talk to strangers is not designed to make them afraid of networking in twenty years, or even to go to parties.  It is designed to stop their children from getting hit by a car or keep them away from shady looking characters that might be out to hurt them. This is common sense 101, yet many people have twisted the well intentioned lessons of childhood into the limiting barriers of adulthood So, if you are still blaming Mommy for your thinking patterns, please see a therapist. If however, you are ready to move past your limiting patterns and beliefs; then coaching holds up a mirror to help you understand these thought patterns, teaches you how to improve them and raise your energy levels.

What is important now is what you do with the thought processes that no longer serve who you are today or who you wish to become. Stop stuffing food or alcohol into your body, stop leaching energy into other various control dramas, all because you feel badly from fear and other energy drains.

There are many ways to get well.  Eat real food – not stuff in boxes and cans, exercise appropriately, meditate, practice yoga, get a physical from your doctor, use well sourced nutritional supplements to help alleviate diet deficiencies,  get your spine into proper alignment with chiropractic care, have massages to release toxins from your muscles, drink adequate amounts of water, get enough sleep and create work life balance. The list goes on and can sometimes be daunting; remember that we are here to help you navigate a true path to wellness.

For the next few weeks, we will feature a practitioner in each of these areas as an example of where to go to get information on any of these specific components of getting well.  And if you suddenly realize looking at the list that you have no idea of how to do any of those things, please reach out to us for a free session to get started.

Encore Entrepreneurs

According to a Met Life study, 12 million Americans between the ages of 44 and 70 want to start either small businesses or non-profits, create jobs, and meet community needs. Are you one of these folks?

Michael Gerber talked years ago about the myths surrounding entrepreneurs in his book “E-Myth”.  Though Michael and the E-Myth folks are now headed in separate directions, both work to address how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur and consequently, why you really need their services to start and sustain a viable business.  Their processes include following structured procedures and utilizing low cost coaches and consultants to “help” you be successful.  The rationale is that most entrepreneurs are not able to maintain focus on what is important to their business and need to learn how to be more disciplined.  We fully agree that these points are important.

At OnCore Ventures we are laser focused on the needs of the entrepreneur who is either building an ‘encore venture” or wants to mold an existing effort into being aligned and on-core to who they are. To this end, we have created programs secure in our belief that everything you need to know about how to create your venture already exists deep inside you.  We believe the progress and procedure are very important.  However, we also know that how you “show up” is a key indicator and of paramount importance to your success.

If you currently are, or want to someday become, an Encore Entrepreneur, we suggest you look at the two key factors of energy resonance and engagement level. Both are measured in the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment. Designed by Bruce Schneider, author of “Energy Leadership”, the ELI identifies your E-Factor. Schneider teaches that there are seven distinct levels of energy resonance, which can also be understood as awareness or consciousness. For potential entrepreneurs, this individually unique E-Factor, is a key-determining indicator of your potential for success. Understanding your unique “normal operating” energy level, what triggers a decrease in this level, and how to raise it up again, is critical to your ability to successfully manifest a venture that is OnCore for you.

Bruce started a small business coaching practice, then built a coach training program, finally crafting an assessment based primarily on increasing the engagement and leadership of people in business.  His book deals specifically with the challenges of running a small business. The new class of encore entrepreneurs are all looking to create small businesses that “meet community needs” which Bruce believes indicates a relatively high level of resonating energy. This is an example of just one of the many components that the E-factor can confirm the presence of in your own make-up. As an Encore Entrepreneur, you are most likely interested in leveraging your new venture to give back to the community. If you are already engaged in a business, you probably designed it with that same pay-it-forward mentality.

Michael Gerber’s newest book on “Awakening the Entrepreneur Within” indicates that the single most important factor contributing to success in the design of an entrepreneurial venture is the focus on the good to others as opposed to self-fulfillment.  This would seem to be a qualification for Encore Entrepreneurs in providing services to the community. Likewise Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote shares that “The chances are you are going to fail, at least financially. But if you say ‘yes, even if my product just changes the world a little bit,  it is still the best way I can spend the next 10 years’, then go and be an entrepreneur.” At OnCore Ventures we are in the business of making sure you do not fail so that you can continue to make a difference in the world.

I have seen this in my own life. Five years ago, I decided to build my encore business around my photographic art creation. Now – I am a very good photographer however, there are many very good photographers. In retrospect that venture was predicated on two failed ideas. The first is that my focus was selfish. I was operating under a “what’s in it for me” type attitude. To me it seemed it was finally my turn to do what I wanted to do – without consideration of other factors. The other problem is more core to my being. I was raised with two limiting beliefs that stem unintentionally from my parents laudable desire to install their own values and assumptions within me. They, and so I, believed that “only girls could be artists” and that “there is no money in art”.  As a boy and wanting money, these limiting beliefs seriously impacted my ability to create and sell art as a profession. It was not that I was unable to succeed, it was that my often unconscious beliefs prohibited me from allowing my own success.

If I had taken the ELI back in 2007 before starting that venture, I would have uncovered, and thereby removed the power from, those beliefs and attitudes. Going through the ELI process, allowed me to become aware of those energy blocks and consequently they no longer control me. So today I can be an artist if I choose. But, as is often the way of life, now that I know more about myself, I understand that I would rather help 12 million encore entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes I made, understand their true potential, and successfully create their own “OnCore Venture.”

I want to help these folks for a very specific reason. I believe that the world needs these community-focused businesses. Statistics say that 80% of small businesses fail in the first five years. This roughly translates to the idea that 10 of the 12 million potential entrepreneurs will fail unless they uncover the genesis of their limiting beliefs, the gremlins that say they are not good enough, the source of their energy blocks that prohibit their success when they launch their encore venture.

So – if you are already, or think you want to be, an “Encore Entrepreneur” contact me to take the ELI today and find out your E-factor. As a certified professional coach who is also certified to perform the ELI assessment, I am solely focused on helping people launch successful OnCore Ventures.  I will assist you in understanding if your current make-up is conducive to being a successful Encore Entrepreneur, and if you’re not quite there yet, we can work together to make the necessary changes.

The MetLife study indicates that of the 12 million potential entrepenuers, most were afraid to begin because they knew that they might fail. The ELI costs less than $500 and will not only help identify potential failure points, but also guide you in the right direction to avoid these traps from the start. You will learn more about yourself in the one hour debrief than you have ever learned in an hour of your time before. The ELI tells you what blocks you have to overcome and gives you the tools to get over those blocks and back to building your business.

The ELI helps you decide if you are in the 20% that will succeed – and if you are – you will go and do just that.  But if you are in the 80% that would fail without some additional work, the ELI process will show you exactly what you need to do in order to succeed. The world needs the 12 million encore entrepreneurs that are ready to give back to society. The world needs you. As baby and near baby boomers, we have been blessed beyond belief with gifts that the world has given to us. Why not find out how you can give back to the world while meeting your encore entrepreneurial desire and creating your own OnCore Venture?

“The Matrix”

This morning, my life partner and I were discussing what the characteristics of the target client base for my company which is On-Core Ventures is.  The company originated with a goal to assist the Twelve million reported Encore Entrepreneurs (EE’s) who are looking to create a business that is “On-Core.”

When starting my search for these EE’s, I began in our church since the demographics is pretty bifurcated comprised of about 50% boomers and 50% young families with children.  The boomers listened politely to my initial effort to discuss life after the shift.  During my presentation, there was much head bobbing, which might mean they agree with what you are saying, or might instead indicate they are simply agreeable to anything that is said.

A few years ago my son bought me a copy of the DVD (you remember DVD’s right?) for the Matrix. At the time, he was in his teens at the time and, I realize now, I was still in the Matrix. In talking with some of the boomers over the last few months – I think they too are still in the Matrix.  By unexpected contrast, when talking with the young adults of our congregation, they are overall much less likely to be in the Matrix.  They, like myself and many other, have experienced “the shift”, they have woken up to consciousness.

I think that today, many millennials – my son and his lovely wife among them – have rejected the matrix.  Interestingly, many of baby boomers initially rejected the Matrix as well, but as the sixties gave way to the seventies, with the ending of the Vietnam war , the women’s movement stalled, and the leaders of the sixties were killed, it was just easier to take the Blue pill and pretend that everything was as it should be.  Life became a “Cabaret” kind of lunacy where the girls are beautiful, the BMW’s are beautiful, the VCR’s are beautiful, the Walkmen are beautiful. Today, the Plasma 3-D TV’s are beautiful, the iPods are beautiful, the iPhones are beautiful, the iPads’ are beautiful. Facebook is beautiful.

But increasingly, we begin to ask “Are they?” Are these gadgets, devices, social structures, and rules we have designed for ourselves serving our true needs? Are we even aware of what those needs are at this point? Millennials are now redefining the idea of “being” and everything that goes along with it. As they wake up, many boomers will follow suit. There is however, a fissure in the human community at this point, on one side are those who are awake, or will be and on the other, those that steadfastly cling to the status quo, to Facebook, to the Matrix. What they fail to realize is that at some point soon, the very structure of that Matrix will begin to disintegrate as so many lights move off its grid.

So what is an On-Core Venture and who creates one?  It is a venture created by someone who is off the matrix. They are ready to embrace the shift from a life led asleep to an awakened state of being. They can be twenty, fifty or seventy.  They are creating natural, socially responsible enterprises.  They are living in balance.

We must each now ask ourselves “How awake am I? “ and “In what areas of my life am I still asleep?” In asking myself these questions, I turned to the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment.

According to iPEC (International Professional Excellence in Coaching) “the ELI assessment and the debrief of the results is like holding a mirror up to your perceptions, attitude, behaviors and overall leadership capabilities.”

Through this process, I finally understood how I was reacting to life. It became clear to me that I was, in fact, not acting but instead reacting to situations in my life. A long time ago in a self-recovery program for “victims” of being raised in a dysfunctional family (and what family is not dysfunctional on some level?), I encountered the statement “I am an actor not a reactor.”  At the time, I struggled with that statement but recently have been able to integrate its truth.– I am now an actor – I choose how I am going to act.  The ELI assessment helped me see how I was “re-acting” and gave me the tools to change how I “show up” or act in triggering situations. This knowledge has been invaluable to me in leading an awakened life.

To find our more about how to take the ELI, please visit On-Core Ventures.

What is On Core?

As shared in this blog, a few years ago I “shifted”.  In hindsight, the realization of this shift is perfectly clear. But what does it really mean when “the shift” occurs?  Must we inevitably move on to some greater, yet undefined, higher purpose? How do we a shed the baggage we have spent a lifetime creating? Is this an automatic process or do we have choices along the way?

As always – the answer is – It depends.

There are several ways of handling “the shift” that I have encountered, which can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Create a New Venture
  • Find a Creative Outlet
  • Alter your existing reality

The first option, creating my OnCore Venture is what I have done.  The second, finding a creative outlet, is what I initially tried to do, by bringing a new way of looking at life to round out what I perceived was missing. The third alternative, something I did not know enough to attempt,  is to integrate new awareness into your current world, at home and work, by changing the way you are showing up.

Regardless of the path you choose, the first step entails assessing where you are in the “shifting process.”  Everyone between the ages of 44 to 60 will shift post mid-life at least once.  Whether it is the loss of a career due to downsizing, the emptying of the nest when kids graduate and start their own lives, or the persistent voice within that whispers of the desire to change – we all shift.  How you approach  that shift, how it shows up in your life, affecting your health, relationships, and well-being, is up you.

As I completed my training program from iPEC, I took the Energy Leadership Assessment Index. The results brought to light how stress is showing up for me, and through the debrief process; I began to understand what triggers stress in my life. In reviewing the results of others, and considering my own experience, it is clear that just knowing how we are triggered allows for a change in our response, effectively removing the power that stress has over us.

This knowledge changes everything.  Given this information,  ten years ago, I would have been empowered to create a different interaction pattern in my work environment, not just for me, but for the hundreds of people that either reported to me or that I influenced in some way.  Living OnCore might have been the work  I was doing at the time – done in a completely different way. Similarly, five years ago, when I tried to commercialize my love of photography, the inner work that I have since done,  could have changed the way that I decided, or decided not, to go  to market with my work. That shift in leadership and confidence might have changed everything.

In retrospect, living OnCore might have been two pursuits that would have required less change and effort on my part and still have been OnCore because I’d be working from the angle of becoming true to who I really am.  Now that I have done that – I approach everything differently.

So, what about you?  What is living OnCore for you?  Do you have passion left in you for what you do, but simply need to change  how you approach doing it?  Do you have a strong desire to write a book, make art, or create and launch a socially responsible company? Do you struggle with your life partner now that the nest is empty and need to change that interaction?

The answers lie within.

The Energy Leadership Assessment will help find these answers by bringing your individual stress triggers to the surface through a short questionnaire along with an in-depth debriefing session.

The overall Energy Leadership process helps identify and evolve your unique leadership style, allowing you to harness the power to influence others in meaningful ways, bringing out their innate talents and productivity. You will identify at which of the seven levels of awareness you typically operate and learn to recognize when you tend to descend to lower levels in reaction to outside stressors. Once recognized you can then move past these distractions and begin the journey towards achieving your full potential.

To get you started on the path to finding your answers, I’m sharing an introductory offer of $99 for the assessment through the end of May. I will provide the debrief, normally priced at up to $400, at no charge as a way to help you understand the path in front of you to live a life that is on-core for you. If this process helps you discover your next on-core venture, we can then assist you in making that new vision a lasting reality.