Are you living the life of your dreams?

If not, do you ever take the time to stop and consider why you’re missing the mark when it comes to your own life? It’s easy to get caught up in survival mode, where you just do the things you need to do to get through each day. Perhaps you sprinkle a few fun activities here and there in an attempt to keep a bit of balance, or maybe you’re so focused on achieving the path that others have set forth for you that you don’t even manage that much. This doesn’t have to be the case. Imagine what your life could be like if everything you do is aligned with your values and moves you closer to the destination of your dreams.

Does the thought of truly living the life of your dreams sound just like that, like some airy-fairy dream? Well, I’m here as a coach to tell you that it’s possible. You can live the life of your dreams by acknowledging all the options that are available and then taking action to move you toward those dreams. When you understand your core values and align your activities and priorities with those values, you have set the foundation to be able to live the life of your dreams. True, there’s more to it than that, but once you’re on this path of understanding your own personal and unique journey, you have the ability to create your own vision and to be able to achieve that vision. This, my dear friends, is what’s called living the life of your dreams.

So why do people fall short?

Because too often people fail to truly consider the possibilities available to them. For starters, how often do you allow yourself to reflect on what you really want your life to look like? If you don’t consider the possibilities, you won’t achieve them.

So why do many fail to consider their possibilities, if doing so can bring so much joy and fulfillment? Often it is because our thinking process gets in our way. The thoughts that we focus on, whether on purpose or out of habit, keep us reacting in a similar way time and time again. Let me restate that. If you don’t change your thought process, you won’t change your ways, and this may keep you from your dream life.

Repetitive thoughts create feelings and emotions that affect our peace of mind, our levels of stress, and our physical well-being. These repetitive thoughts, conscious or unconscious, are the building blocks of what our life looks like at this moment in time.

The good news is that you can change your thought process and create a life filled with the ‘things that you love and care about. Yes, you truly can!

Before your thought process takes you into an argumentative or a denial mode, allow yourself to just pretend it is true. Now that you’ve given yourself this permission, take a few moments and dream about your perfect life. Immerse yourself in your greatest possibilities. Take note of how you feel. Do you feel a sense of joy?


Joy is said to be experiencing a feeling of pleasure and happiness, or that of delight; while fulfillment is a feeling of satisfaction. Fulfillment is the result of achieving a goal that you worked hard to achieve. When you focus your energies on the long-term goal of achieving your life’s goal, a goal that is the best possibility for your values and priorities, you win the game. You experience a life of joy and fulfillment. A life you can love and share. Now that you have felt a glimpse of that joy, let’s take dreaming about your possibilities to the next level.


Possibilities represent all the things that may happen in your life, all the different outcomes. By allowing yourself to guide your thoughts, you can choose the best possibility for your life, allowing you to live the possibility of your dreams.

But first, you must remove obstacles. Challenge your ideas and ideals. Look for opportunities in challenging places. Replace thoughts that are holding you back with thoughts that encourage you to move forward. Do new things with new people. Let yourself live. Don’t hold back. Once you begin to remove obstacles in your thought process and widen your horizons, you’ll feel more energized and more like yourself. Make it a habit to challenge yourself on every level while you explore and consider the possibilities for your dream life.

In the meantime, you may find it helpful to write a story about all the ways your life could be arranged that would bring you joy and fulfillment. In your story, consider the following ideas.

  1. Where would you live? What geographic area of the world would you live in? What would your home look like? How would you feel when you were at your home?
  2. Who would you live with? Who would you spend time with? How would you feel when you were with these individuals?
  3. What work would you do that fills your soul? What would be important about your work?
  4. What community activities would you participate in? What causes are important to you? What difference would you like to make?
  5. What would you do for fun? Do you love to draw, sculpt, or paint? Would you travel? Where would you visit?
  6. Do you love to dance, watch movies, read, or hang glide? What activities fill you with joy, excitement, peace?
  7. Do you surround yourself with pets? Do you love animals, nature, the beach, mountains, or the desert?
  8. What else would you have in your life? What are all your possibilities?

Now that you wrote your story, read it aloud. How do you feel when you read your story? If you were honest with your answers, you might feel a little scared (change can be that way), but you likely feel a sense of freedom and enlightenment. Hold this close to your heart, remember it and continue to move towards it.

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