The Shift

You are not broken


Many people are stuck in victim energy or see others as victims - what if we were not broken?  We choose to remain broken, it is a way of being a victim and not needing to take responsibility for ourselves.  We become our disease.  Oh, I can't do that - I have cancer. Or [...]

You are not broken2021-08-07T19:12:40-04:00

Launching Your Second Career as the New Retirement


“You can do it alone. But it's going to be so much harder." It sounds somewhat harsh, but author Jennifer Egan hits the nail on the head. Launching your second career venture is not a solo practice, even if you are a solopreuneur. It takes a village to launch your efforts. There is a side [...]

Launching Your Second Career as the New Retirement2013-09-04T18:35:47-04:00

New Rules are Needed for Work-Life Balance


We are scales. Not the digitalized platform in which many of us fear. I mean the traditional, two-sided scale. It's common sense; when one side is more heavily weighted, the device is thrown off balance. We work the same way. Work-Life Balance is the key driver. From what I have learned from the last few [...]

New Rules are Needed for Work-Life Balance2013-08-31T09:49:09-04:00

How we shift


Last week, I experienced a trip to North Carolina’s Outer Banks like no other. For the first time in twenty years, I vacationed with a leaderless family. It was a bittersweet feeling; much to my enjoyment, I was not in control, but my mother-in-law, undoubtedly the leader of my wife’s family, passed almost one year [...]

How we shift2013-08-01T07:00:20-04:00

Masculine and Feminine Energy in Start-ups


I have taken the last four weeks off from the blog world of our site.  Sometimes life just happens. Recently, launching my networking efforts, the old fashioned, real world ones, has been the focus. During this process, I stumbled upon a spiritual blog which prompted an interesting realization. I have often gone off the deep end [...]

Masculine and Feminine Energy in Start-ups2012-08-08T07:48:01-04:00

Generation 13


No, this is not about the next series on the "House" genre… In the book "Generations, The History of America's future 1584 to 2069" published back in 1991, authors William Strauss and Neil Howe make a compelling case that the “Boomer” generation really only goes through 1960 and actually started in 1943. They contend that [...]

Generation 132012-07-03T08:40:47-04:00

Father’s Day


I used to hate Father's day.  As a feminist male, I bought into the "fact" that every Sunday was Father's Day. Certainly my family of origin and my first wife's family of origin celebrated this event every week.  I never really understood exactly what Father's day was supposed to be about. What was a Father's [...]

Father’s Day2012-06-19T08:22:30-04:00

Life 3.0 from an Integral Perspective


As readers of this blog have probably noticed, I have been struggling with an exact definition for “Life 3.0.” I know that it occurs after a "shift" and that it typically occurs during the second half of life. When I first enrolled in the IPEC coach training program, after paying my tuition but before attending [...]

Life 3.0 from an Integral Perspective2012-06-03T10:52:37-04:00



Are males disposable? About a year ago, I listened to a very well done series called the Evolutionary Man Summit.  Michael Dowd, a former Unitarian Universalist preacher, that I had the pleasure of hearing in person a few years ago, comments in the series that men are raised to be disposable. I grew up with [...]

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