The Law of Attraction

Gratitude Connects Us with Others


Thanksgiving is the time to incorporate gratitude in your life! Living a life of gratitude improves our lives and helps to build healthier relationships with ourselves and with others. By offering thanksgiving for all that we have, we set the tone for all that is to come to us. We invite you to join [...]

Gratitude Connects Us with Others2021-08-05T01:10:04-04:00

Gratitude Opens Our Hearts and Our Minds


When we recognize and express gratitude for all that that we have in our lives, we impact our lives in ways that we might not at first recognize. Our experiences are altered by our expectations, which are driven by our thought processes and our level of gratitude. The Law of Attraction as Related to [...]

Gratitude Opens Our Hearts and Our Minds2021-08-05T14:47:01-04:00
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