How did we get all this stuff? As we age, there seems to be less attachment to possessions or the need for possessions.  In the first half of my life, I was consumed by being a consumer.  I had to have the latest "stuff".  Even when I turned fifty, the entry point to the [...]


How Motivation Helps Forge the Path to Your Vision


If you wish to achieve your vision, it is important to understand your core values. In fact, in order to successfully define a vision that will result in personal happiness and fulfillment, you need to first identify your core values. Failing to understand your value system will likely lead to focusing on the wrong [...]

How Motivation Helps Forge the Path to Your Vision2021-08-05T15:23:27-04:00

Allowing Your Values to Steer Your Success


Many people in today’s society are stuck in the day-to-day demands that seem to be a natural part of life. As the world around us speeds by, sometimes it’s easy to feel like a sailboat being bounced around on rocky waters and tossed about in the wind. But this doesn’t have to be the [...]

Allowing Your Values to Steer Your Success2021-08-06T12:07:29-04:00
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