Are males disposable? About a year ago, I listened to a very well done series called the Evolutionary Man Summit.  Michael Dowd, a former Unitarian Universalist preacher, that I had the pleasure of hearing in person a few years ago, comments in the series that men are raised to be disposable. I grew up with [...]


Creating your OnCore Venture


I have talked a lot about discovery in this blog as a way to provide some background information about who I am, and what my belief system is.  I am a firm believer in authenticity - my own and yours.  As a certified professional coach, I help people create the life they were born to [...]

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The Shift


Yes, it is 2012, but we are not talking about December of 2012 and the shift of the planet.  The shift is what Dr. Wayne Dwyer calls the moment when we realize that something inside of us has changed and we can never again approach life in the same way. Before the shift For [...]

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Life is a series of transitions or transformations. In fact, one of my favorite authors, Inna Segal asserts in her book – “The Secret Language of Your Body” – that we cannot heal ourselves of any illness without making a transformation in ourselves. Transitions can be both “good” and “bad” in the minds of our [...]


Four phases of life


Life 3.0 I  believe that there are four phases of life. Life 3.0 is our definition for the third phase of life.  According to a book that I am reading on Transitions – called  “Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes” by William Bridges – in the Hindi tradition there were four phases of life.  These [...]

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