The #1 Best Way to Improve Your Content Next Year


As we head towards the close of the season, we are working hard to put the polishing touches on our business goals, priorities, and deliverables for the coming year.  Some call it creating New Year's resolutions; some call it setting intentions (more on that next week!), while some simply call it smart business practice. [...]

The #1 Best Way to Improve Your Content Next Year2021-08-06T12:28:44-04:00

Multi-level Marketing as an On-Core Venture


Lately, I have begun to work more closely with Multi-Level marketing (MLM) people through my membership in BNI. I have to admit, I have previously held a negative bias about MLM.  This perspective is rooted in an experience with one MLM in particular which directly affected a friendship. These friends, unfortunately “drank the Kool-Aide” [...]

Multi-level Marketing as an On-Core Venture2021-08-06T14:44:43-04:00

Time Management – Calendars for your ventures


Whether it's for a business or our personal lives, we can hardly get through a day without checking our calendars. Time is money and time management is critical. We buy calendars with beautiful pictures representing each month, or we keep ourselves virtual with the use of calendar applications on our phones and computers. Calendars are [...]

Time Management – Calendars for your ventures2013-08-27T20:39:45-04:00

Web Environment – your website


Last week, we talked about setting up email. Conventional wisdom in the Internet age is that you need a website to drive your business. What we have found is actually the contrary; a website can actually put a halt on your business's growth. We've all Googled ourselves out of curiosity, but what about after you [...]

Web Environment – your website2013-08-13T08:00:54-04:00
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