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Time Management – Calendars for your ventures


Whether it's for a business or our personal lives, we can hardly get through a day without checking our calendars. Time is money and time management is critical. We buy calendars with beautiful pictures representing each month, or we keep ourselves virtual with the use of calendar applications on our phones and computers. Calendars are [...]

Time Management – Calendars for your ventures2013-08-27T20:39:45-04:00

Launching your web environment


I often find that many of my clients ask me for advice.  Coaching, in its purest sense, does not give advice; we are trained extensively NOT to give advice. In fact, in order to be accredited by the International Coaching Federation, we have to show through our coaching that we do not give advice. So [...]

Launching your web environment2013-08-06T07:07:45-04:00
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