Learning from Millennials


Insights from Millennials I read a blog post from Huffington Post recently that solidified my thoughts on the wisdom of youth and the evolution of the collective unconsciousness. Today’s young adult generation “Millennials”, to a large degree, realize intuitively something that took me many years to learn and that is that Boomers got it all wrong [...]

Learning from Millennials2021-08-06T14:37:59-04:00

Letting it Be


Early in my “first-life” career, I remember an employee telling of being taught by a priest at Cardinal Mooney High School in Youngstown Ohio to take a time out and just “Be”.  The conversation edged on mockery and, as I was at that time parent to a teenager, the idea of any high school kid [...]

Letting it Be2012-04-05T08:18:58-04:00
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