At onCOREventures we know that while all humans have similar nutritional needs at the macro level, we are still all unique individuals with different specific dietary requirements. As in all things, the key to unraveling the “diet” mystery is a balance of knowledge (understanding the science) and intuition (listening to our bodies).  Our signature food and nutrition program is a six month program that covers twelve discreet topics that build on one another to educate our clients on key items including:

  • What is the current state of knowledge from a variety of sources on healthy eating?
  • How much protein do you need?
  • What limiting beliefs do you have around your food intake and or body type?
  • How does time management effect your ability to eat healthy food?
  • What do your cravings mean and how can you control them?
  • How do your relationships affect what you eat?
  • What can your intuition tell you about your digestion?
  • How are what you eat and what your mood is linked?
  • How does you body type affect you and what you should eat?
  • How do you get the right nutrition “on the go”?

Near the completion stage of the nutrition program, we return to the visioning exercise used in our discovery program. This is designed to look at what your desired visualization means for your career and lifestyle and how you can bring it all together to create the life you want.

This program entails either weekly or biweekly 45 minute coaching sessions (typically via tele/web conference), reading assignments, educational material, recipes and email contact with your coach between sessions to ensure success in your lifestyle change.  We stress that this is not a “diet”, but rather a program to help you create a new way of being in harmony with your desires, your natural body type, and temperament. Unlike many “health coaching” programs, our program allows you to take leadership of your own wellness. To that end we combine coaching to overcome habitual behavior and education.

Not ready for a private coaching commitment but still wanting to make this Journey into Wellness?  No Problem.  We have begun offering the program to groups.  Contact us for more information.