The Energy Leadership Development System (ELDS) is a program that I am certified on from iPEC as a master practitioner.  I use it extensively as part of my coaching program. The program is based on the ELI assessment.

The ELI assessment gauges how a person approaches and reacts to different circumstances and experiences by producing a combined numerical value of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical energy.

Levels of Energy measured by the Energy Leadership Index

  • Level 1: Feeling lost. Stuck. Lack of choice. I can’t. I have to. Fearful.
  • Level 2: Anger. Combativeness. Resisting or fighting energy.
  • Level 3: Rationalizing. Fine. Coping.
  • Level 4: Care. Compassion. Service to others.Level 5: Reconciliation. Win-win. Solution-focused.
  • Level 6: Intuition. Creative genius. Visionary.
  • Level 7: Absolute Passion. Non-judgment. Oneness.

Energy Leadership Development System (ELDS)

The first part of the Energy Leadership Development System (ELDS) includes foundational segments that help you know where you are, realize where you want to be, and recognize and break through barriers to creating success. You will learn to:

  • Assess yourself leveraging the Energy Leadership Index
  • Undertake a program orientation and plan your roadmap
  • Learn the 7 levels of leadership
  • Identify strengths and gaps to achieve your ideal image

The next 8 segments in the program provide the accelerated training needed to master areas necessary to become an ideal leader.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Influencing and Engaging Others
  • Problem Solving
  • Productivity and Decision Making
  • High Energy Relationships
  • Health and Wellness
  • Time Management and Balance

The most successful leaders in the world truly enjoy what they do. In fact, when asked, they consistently say that they feel they rarely ever “work.” If this sounds like how you used to be, then the ELDS will help you get back in touch with your core self and learn to approach your life and career differently.

There are a variety of ways of working with the Energy Leadership Development System.  The materials are provided by iPEC to certified professional coaches that have been trained and certified in the Energy Leadership System.  In its base form, it can be done as a self-study program, augmented by bi-monthly 60-minute coaching sessions.  We prefer to approach the material via weekly coaching sessions with the ELDS augmented by other materials we employ to improve the learning experience of the client.  Both programs take six months to complete.