Life stages are different than our grandfathers and fathers; “Retirement” needs to be rethought.  It is longer than it used to be as we are living longer with a life expectancy twenty plus years longer than a century ago.  It is not unreasonable to assume that we will see 100 but we are not conditioned and trained to plan our lives for that.  If you listen to financial planners, you’d run out of money before then.  And “early retirement is being promoted especially for highly compensated males 55 or older — making some projected retirements longer than the careers they are retiring from.

At the same time, there is significant evidence of a “shift in values” occurring in our fifties, which alters the landscape of our lives.  What was easy to do in our thirties becomes impossible to stand in our late fifties and husbands and wives are changing differently – going in different directions at a time when the kids are getting on with their lives – it seems that everything is different.

Launching onCOREventures is a response to this landscape.  Retirement from one’s career can be turned on its head: it’s not about withdrawal; it’s about actively engaging in life in a new way.

Everything that On-Core Ventures offers have been designed with a focus on the end result.  It’s all about helping our clients to launch sustainable and successful businesses or creative outlets that fulfill something in their selves and in their communities.

To do that, we work with our clients where they are in their own journey.  Many clients are just starting to question what’s next.  And that visioning work – which is critical to future success – shouldn’t be rushed through.  We have a variety of programs and tools to help our clients through the discovery phase.

Our process starts with a discovery phase that helps our clients to get in touch with their core confluences of the three major elements – your core values, your purpose, and your visionary goals which combine to create your business vision.

This confluence has been described as a sweet spot, but as long-term residents of Pittsburgh, we like to think of it as more of a confluence. In Pittsburgh, three rivers are joined by an underground aquifer that powers the fountain at the point. In our own lives, our core spiritually connected stream of universal consciousness joins our passions or goals – the things that we really like to do, our purpose – the causes in the world that are important to us, and perhaps most importantly are informed by our core values.


Most people do not get on core and really tap into their core confluence because they lack the mirror of the other – so well documented in the past in the Johari window from psychology. Our coaching discovery process holds that mirror up to our clients so that they can finally get in touch with their own real core identity and fashion a life that is meaningful, sustainable, and enjoyable.

This creation usually occurs in the second half of life because before then we are doing what we should do – as in we should be a doctor – or we should be pretty – or we should be a mother – or we should be all things to all people as we live for others. Suddenly – almost overnight we say enough. I want to do it my way – enough of your way. This is particularly true for women – who have been told since the seventies that not only do they need to be attractive and sweet and motherly – but they also have to be tough as nails and be a full-time professional or executive. Enough!

Once your core vision is complete and you are ready to begin the active and involved process of designing and launching your business or creative pursuits, we can start the Authentic Launch Program – which is our customized, 7-step process to work with our clients in a one-on-one fashion to launch their business venture.

If through the vision process our clients get in touch with other areas of life – we have a number of programs that deal with all areas of being onCORE including spirituality, health and wellness, relationships, and career/finances.