We offer a variety of services that build on the vision creation process for the second half of life. Once a client has completed this vision discovery,  we use these programs as the next level to lay the groundwork for the client’s path forward to a new life.

  • Authentic Launch Program – For our clients that are creating a new business like the ones we describe on our home page, we employ the authentic launch program. This program is designed to help you build and execute a launch plan to successfully achieve the business of your dreams.
  • Marketing – For our client that already owns a business that is either not on core or simply not working out the way they planned, we use a unique business tune-up process. This program helps you get the business back on core or enables you to position it for sale and move on with life that is more true to who you are, or want to be.
  • Health and Wellness – We advise all of our clients to respect the weight of health and wellness in the balancing of a successful life. We believe in order to truly effect change in any one area of life, all other areas must be in harmony. To address this critical aspect of life, we offer a six-month program to help change the way you eat,  exercise, and think about your body and your life.
  • Energy Leadership Development System – For clients looking for a customized tune-up of how they are living in general, we offer the full energy leadership development system.

There are individual pages on this site for each of these offerings, as well as the introductory vision discovery programs. These programs are a combination of coaching, advising, and teaching. We employ a large resource library that is updated continually to ensure that we are applying the latest teachings in all areas of our client’s lives. We strive to provide access to the latest information in the emerging fields of intelligence and knowledge in food and nutrition, practical applications of quantum theory, spirituality, recovered ancient and traditional wisdom, and the emerging refinement of coaching techniques as the industry evolves.

We realize that you may need time to recreate your body and mind before figuring out what comes next.  That is why we respond with a variety of programs to help you live the life that you were born to live – at Last!