Coaching niche identification is extremely important. Every coach training program that we are aware of teaches you that you need to establish a niche.  Unfortunately, every coach we know has struggled with establishing a niche. So, if you look at the ideal client exercises that we teach in our coaching process and are confused, what do you need to do?

Establishing a coaching niche

We can clarify that quickly using our Core Values Index and ELI Assessments.  These tools will breakthrough any barriers you have in establishing a focused niche

Our Exploration Process is the preparation process that can front end the Authentic Launch Program – it is a collaborative process that takes about four weeks to complete and gives you a clear cut understanding of the scope of work that it would take you to launch your venture and any barriers – like where you are leaking energy to time that will have to be overcome for you to be successful.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We start with an overview of our Vision, Validation, Venture Launch methodology and demonstrate how we use the coaching process with an introductory coaching session.
  2. There are three things that you need to start a venture – time – money and energy. You probably know how much time and money you have but often times we are not aware of our energy levels. The assessment measures the Energy level Index (ELI) of the client and offers an hour-long review.
  3. Based on the first two steps we conduct a timeline assessment session which factors in the depth of previous work done, the amount of time the client can dedicate to the startup in a given week, and the number of start-up materials or infrastructure that is required.
  4. Client-specific Proposal of Pricing & Timeline