Are you flapping your wings and not able to take off?

Many people get into coaching because they want to help people, and they are good at problem solving.  But when it comes to launching their own business they fail.  Many coaches look at the marketing techniques that are promoted by the Internet Marketing mavens and they get frustrated and begin to wonder why they ever signed up for that coaching program to begin with.

At onCOREventures we have no one size fits all strategy for building your coaching program.  We start with a Core Values Index* assessment that gives you insight into the two primary core values that you must be in harmony with in order to be successful.  And then we help you figure out a way to approach building your client base.  Most coaches only need a three-month engagement to develop a strategy on how to go to market.

Core Values are different than personality profiles.  The CVI has a repeat rate of over 90% which means that if you take it at twenty, over 90% of the time the results will be the same at fifty.  Personality profiles have repeat rates that are much lower, and in our own experience we have seen ours shift as we matured. Unlike the alphabet soup of personality profiles, you will receive your primary core value and your secondary core value in terms that you can understand – love, power, knowledge and wisdom.

For people that need more, we have a six-month authentic launch program that builds on top of the Core Values Index and discovery phase.  To get started you can take the Core Values Index assessment, receive your index, and watch an overview video without even signing up for our services. Just take the CVI. When we see your summary report, we will reach out to you by email and invite you to participate in a free debrief of the detailed report with no obligation.

*Core Values Index is trademarked by Taylor Protocols