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A proven path for coaches who want six-figure practices

Starting a coaching practice is hard

On-Core Ventures has provided coaching services for over ten years.  Creating a six-figure practice took us seven years, it does not have to take that long. Ask yourself these few questions:

  • Are you tired of buying programs that guarantee results – and then do not deliver?

  • Are you frustrated with your Facebook posts that do not get seen and get lost in a sea of noise?

  • Does going back to your corporate job seem like it might be a good idea?

  • Have you forgotten the joy you had when you started your coaching career?

In my practice, my goal is that you understand exactly what you do for your clients, why you do it, and how you do it.  It starts with being grateful for the amazing opportunity that you have to make people’s lives better.  God knows we all need to do that. Happy in your practice and attracting the exact clients that you want to help become heroines in their own lives.  This practice takes time – but not the seven years it took me – and I would be honored to share that time with you to help you create your successful practice!

Working with On-Core Ventures your practice creation will thrive

Everyone today seems to be telling you that need to build passive income as a coach, you need webinars, you need Facebook Stores, you need Instagram posts, you need to be on TikTok and on and on.  The first thing you need to do is clarify your story.  How do you make your client a heroine in her own life?

  • What are the fears that she has?

  • Why are you the right guide to help her overcome those fears?

  • What process do you follow for her to be successful in her transititon?

  • What does her life look like when she is done working with you?

  • How does she feel when she gets done?

Ultimately all coaching is transition coaching.  In any transition, your client needs to build an emotional attachment to a future state that is stronger than her attachment to the misery she is dealing with today. The same is true for you.  You need a clear-cut vision for success and you need to know what steps you follow to reach success. And you need someone – a coach – to hold you accountable to get there

The On-Core Ventures process


In my practice, my goal is for you to be able to describe to your potential client your special sauce for making their life better.  This is true if you are a health coach, or a life coach, an executive coach, or a business coach. No one wants to know about your jargon, your programs, your special cool videos.  They want to know how you are going to move them from being afraid of where they are and unhappy to a state of being successful and content.  It is not about you  – it is about them

At On-Core Ventures, I follow a this process:

  • What exactly do you do and for whom – for new coaches this is usually hard

  • What process do you take your client through- so what do you do to help them solve their problem?

  • We build a wireframe for your website that tells your story

  • We build a sales process for getting leads, and nurturing them into being your cleints

  • We choose the technology you need to implement your solution

  • We coach you through the implementation

On-Core Ventures Coaching Clients tell our story best

Frederick’s understanding of what it takes to actually start a business has allowed me to put a plan in place for my launch, but his ability to help me with my inner blocks has made all the difference in my approach to both my launch efforts and my life.

While I engaged Frederick to help me launch my business effort, working with him helped me realize that I had other more fundamental changes to make first.  Working with Frederick has unleashed the law of attraction in my life in a way that has me moving forward, building the life I desire.

Trish - Marketing Professional and now Coach

Frederick has amazing talent in coaching entrepreneurs.  He is able to understand the real me in a way that produces pleasantly surprising results.  He has a way of creating a powerful environment that brought out the best in me as I planned to launch my business.  I was impressed and inspired by the effort he put toward my development during our calls and outside of our coaching time.

This extra effort sets Frederick apart from others.  It felt like I had a coach 24/7 which made all the difference during some challenging times.  His intuition gave us important insights that I never expected and grew to cherish.

Maria - Former Engineer and now Coach

When I first met Frederick Geiger of OnCore Ventures through my BNI Chapter I didn’t really understand coaching. Frederick explained coaching in a way that I understood, being a way to professionally develop myself at a pace specific to my individual needs and goals…….Because of my time with Frederick over these past two years, I’m now pursuing my dream of being a small business owner in Western Pennsylvania and my passion for insurance by opening my own independent insurance brokerage

Tiffany - Insurance Agency Owner


If you are like me – you need someone to bounce ideas off of – I am happy to give you time to do just that.

The best way to see if we are a good fit is in a free complimentary discovery session.