We recognize that changing one’s current career often takes time.  Especially when you’re successful and have dependents, responsibilities and obligations, it can be hard to just walk away.  And if you don’t want exactly what is next or how to get there, you might find it hard to even know where to begin.  But you’ve probably even begun and just don’t realize it.  The first and most foundational step in launching your own venture is the discovery process of figuring out what it is that you most want to do.

That’s why we’ve developed our Vision Discovery Programs that will help you explore key transformative questions in your own way on your own path.  We’ve set up a four week teleclass that you can take from the privacy of your own home at scheduled evening meeting times in a convenient format.  Our teleclass are structured around three ways of learning: (1) instructor-led discussion and process, (2) individual work for personal development/growth in between sessions and (3) group exploration for further development.  Also offered with the teleclass are three 30-minute private coaching sessions.

Signing up for a teleclass is a great way to “get started” – even if you’re not yet sure what you’re starting. For more information on our teleclass  you can register for our monthly educational seminar that is free, these seminars take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 8 PM Eastern time, or request a link to our new eBook on how to get started on your vision creation.

Vision Discovery Teleclass

The desired outcome of the four-week program is a keen understanding of your core confluence of your passion, purpose and talents for you to use in the creation of your on core venture.  This is meant to feed the Vision phase of the onCORE Authentic Launch Program but the work is used to get started on the path to your new life’s ventures – however you want to make them happen.  This class series is described in detail in our monthly free seminar.